Office Machines Nigeria Limited


Unlocking Potentials

Office Machines Nigeria Limited (OMNL) is a leading information technology company and Consultancy firm that provides innovative solutions to governments, companies and people in West Africa.

We support a range of software products and technologies including scalable open source operating systems, commercial software like Microsoft and Oracle. We have in-house expertise and partnerships to provide integration of best-of-breed technologies, enterprise architecture, and digital literacy through training, identity and asset management, service oriented architecture, e-government services, GIS application, business intelligence and facility management solutions.

OMNL is a Certified Information Value Chain Consulting and Capacity Building Firm specializing in Information Technology and Project Management. Our areas of focus are Information Security, Information Assurance, Project Management, e-business and Knowledge Capital Development.

We focus on those often overlooked but distinguishing capabilities along the Information Value Chain that set apart excellent from mediocre performers and bring to bear our knowledge of global best practice within the context of our experience of the local operating environment. We have accreditation to the ISO27001 (Global Information Security Management Standard).

OMNL was incorporated on 15th day of January 2008 with registration number RC 725502. We have registered our stamp of class by executing various strategic projects across sectors such as Government, Oil & Gas, Energy, Manufacturing, Communication, Education and Healthcare. With a decade of staff professional experience in IT consultancy, procurement, research and audit we have created stakeholders satisfaction and excitement thereby helping customers innovate.

Our operation spread across six countries and two continents. We deliver an assortment of professional services in the areas of baseline research, data gathering, needs assessment, software asset management, business intelligence, business optimization, cloud and smart infrastructure, IT policy and standards, enterprise architecture, connected government framework, e-government solutions, data and information security. Our consultants bring international experience combined with knowledge of local environment to provide world-class services and solutions.

We employ a workforce that has demonstrated expertise and industry specific knowledge. This enables us to execute techno-critical projects within specified time and scope without compromising quality, highest standards and best practices.

With the advancement in technology, we consistently strive to reach greater heights through innovation, and creativity to ensure sustainable growth.

OMNL maintains its regional headquarters in Nigeria and has operations in USA.

Our Vision

We aspire to provide exceptional technical service delivery to governments, people and communities globally, while ensuring stakeholder’s satisfaction and excitement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable ideas, creativity and innovation while empowering people, Organizations and governments to greater heights.

Office Machines Nigeria Ltd consistently exceed customer expectations, significantly increase value for your investments in technologies while empowering ideas, people and organization to innovate in a much pragmatic way within defined project scopes and timelines. Office Machines Nigeria Limited provides incredible excellent service and outstanding technologies, however we directly compensate customers if we fail to deliver these values.

In the Nigerian society, Corporate Social Responsibility has been a highly contemporary and contextual issue to all stakeholders including corporate organizations, the government as well as the general public. At Office Machines Nigeria Limited we strongly believe in and stand by these principles of youth empowerment, providing help to the community and contributing positively to the economic growth of the nation.